Who We Are

The Lancaster Road Runners Club is a group of runners from all walks of life! There are the young, the

old, the fast, the slow, those who are brand new to the club and those who have been around for 30+

years! WE ARE NOT ELITIST. Our focus is on enjoying each other's company and having a good time.


2015 Christmas Eve morning run

Getting in good shape is an added bonus! Running is what brings us together. You will love our club. You'll love our people!

We run, walk, jog and train. We enjoy good company, good food and drink and the beautiful countryside.

We offer fun runs, fun races, Smith’s Challenge, Mrs. Smith's Challenge, Conestoga Trail Run, and the Stoudts Brewery Distance Classic, plus others.

We love to run in the beautiful countryside of Lancaster County including back roads, backwoods, and a little track work once in a while.

Club runs include Tuesday Fun Runs on the roads, Thursday trail runs (Tues. & Thurs. at 6:30pm) and Sunday mornings in the Lancaster County Central Park (7:30am).

See our schedule for more details.

We run because we are addicted to running and find enjoyment in sharing that addiction with our friends!

Join Us! Come to one of our runs and get to know us or Contact Us for more information.