Conestoga Trail Run

The Conestoga Trail Run will NOT be officially held this year. Things are still undecided by the owners of the some of the land involved, so we are not going to organize the event as a race.

As was done last year, for the same reason, a "Fat Ass", no frills, no cost, "you're on your own" CTR fun run will be held on the normal race day, Sunday, September 24th. Meet at Holtwood Park at 9:15 AM and carpool down to the Pequea Creek Campgrounds for a run start at 10:00 AM. (The campgrounds will charge $5 per car for parking, so chip in.

This will NOT be a race, but a work together fun run as the course will not be marked as well as normal. Water will be available at the 2 mile and 7 mile areas, but it is advisable to carry your own supplies or needs as you would for any woodland adventure.

Those wishing to bring picnic supplies for the finish area are welcome to do so. Sharing would even be nice. Don't expect a large crowd. There were about 15 runners last year. I expect more this year, but you never know.

Remember, alcohol is not allowed at Holtwood Park or at Pequea Creek Campgrounds. 'nuff said.

Bill Smith   717-468-3613   NOT in charge or responsible, but .......




2015 Conestoga Trail Run Results